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At Eriksen Properties, we know that purchasing a home is likely the biggest investment you will make in your life.  Therefore, we require of ourselves a high level of expertise, experience, and loyalty.

We start the process with a buyers consultation.  Not only will we find out the type of home you’re looking for, we will offer you recommendations on things you may not have thought of.

Once we find that house, our job is to be your ultimate advocate.  We will do a comprehensive market analysis so we can advise on getting an accepted offer at the best price possible.  Every situation is unique and this is where our experience and market knowledge comes to play.

When an offer gets accepted, we guide you through the escrow process and make sure your best interests are always looked out for.  Throughout inspections, contingency periods, title, and closing, we diligently work on your behalf.

After escrow closes, we will continue to be an advisor for you going forward.  Whether it be for remodeling, interior design choices, or anything related to your house, you can take comfort in the fact that you always have a resource to go to.

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